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At LuxProperty Club, we've revolutionized the way people can profit from real estate. Our state-of-the-art digital concept connects you with exceptional global real estate markets. It allows you to get benefits from prime rental properties from anywhere in the world - all with just a few clicks. So start this incredible adventure with just a few hundred dollars!

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Imagine you benefit from an attractive rental property in a luxurious location without having to cope with the hassle of property management or maintenance. Our platform makes this possible with a digital membership certificate in rental properties while generating exceptional cash-back for you at the same time.


Our long-term experience in the global real estate market, knowing financial markets, asset management and blockchain technology allows us to create a unique model that is intended for everyone who sees the vast potential and benefits of owning and renting real estate.

Our Mission

Welcome to the Future Of business with Real Estate!

From now on, anyone can profit from real estate in the most popular destinations around the world! This moment changes history and makes activities in real estate affordable and profitable for everyone! Our platform aims to provide equal opportunities to all people and facilitate access to the most attractive real estate markets.

Best of all, you have no obligations once you become a member. We take care of the acquisition, maintenance, paperwork and all those stressful and demanding items over the entire lifetime circle. Everyone has the right to profit from real estate, regardless of location or financial power. Digital innovation makes this easier than ever before.

We know you think real estate business in a foreign country is scary - but don't worry. Our platform and the team behind will make sure the process is simple and easy for you. The platform is intuitive and designed so that everyone can understand it.

Our Vision


As a club member, you'll have access to exceptional real estate markets that were once out of reach. From high-quality rental properties in deluxe locations to prime commercial real estate in bustling cities, our innovative concept provides you with unprecedented access to some of the most sought-after real estate markets worldwide.


But we're not just about providing access to real estate markets - we're also about building a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the real estate business. Our platform facilitates collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking, so you can connect with other members and learn from their experiences.


And one more important thing! We present you with the opportunity to spread the word and share this incredible opportunity with friends and relatives. And whenever someone becomes member in one of our property, you will have passive income and benefits from it!

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The infrastructure is built on blockchain technology for buying and reselling digital membership certificates as NFTs in rented apartments, houses and construction projects.

Here is an example for you to see how everything works:


The apartment costs $150,000 - from this we have issued 750 NFT digital membership certificates - so each one is available for purchase at $200 - now you will get a cash-back in relation of your membership from the rental income of the apartment and when we sell the apartment you will also receive an additional cash-back from the selling price.


You can of course buy more digital NFT member certificates of the same and of any other listed property and sell them again on our platform to other users. In the meantime, you collect your cash back, which is calculated from the proportion of your membershipAll projects are owned and managed by our own holding company, meaning all properties are entirely safe, secure and in good hands! The most significant benefit of the LuxPropertyClub is that for little money, you profit from real estate in the most luxurious destinations of the world.



Basic Club Membership is completely free


You have a monthly income from all the certficates you buy.


It is always possible to check which property is ready for rent, which is under construction and much more!


If you want to sell the membership certificate, you can always do it through our platform.


As a Advanced Member, you can earn money by referring friends and family to our platform.

Why Dubai?

Welcome to the land of opportunity - Dubai, the fastest-growing real estate market in the world!

In just 20 years, Dubai has transformed into a glamorous business and financial metropolis, attracting an ever-increasing number of companies and employees to this vibrant region in the Gulf of Arabia. And the best part? There is no end to this trend in sight, making Dubai one of the most exciting and lucrative real estate markets out there.

With its stunning architecture, world-class amenities, and booming economy, it's no wonder Dubai is a must for real estate enthusiasts from across the globe.


Join the ranks of savvy people who are capitalizing on the growth and potential of Dubai's real estate market.


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